About This Site


[EN] [NO] About Languagues:

There is also a norwegian version of this site at frosto.no [NO]. There is some more information in that version, but it is mostly of little or no value to those who do not speak norwegian.

Links to pages with different languague contents are mostly marked with flags [EN] [NO] as a warning to those not fluent in both Norwegian and English.

What's in a (domain) name?

The domain name "frosto" is just a concatenation of the first 3 letters of my first name and the first 3 letters of my last name. If the name gives you some other (slightly silly) associations, those are not officially recognized, but some were anticipated and may make the domain name easier to remember.

Browser Compatibility:

Any browser can be used with this site, since it is made for graceful degradation in looks when browser features are missing. Furthermore it works just as well when plugins and javascript are turned off for security reasons, since it has no browser-side active content whatsoever.

Older versions of microsoft internet explorer (especially MSIE6 and older) have trouble rendering some things corrctly according to the standards, so for esthetical and ergonomical reasons, it is recommended to use more standards-true browsers like Opera, Firefox or Chrome instead, or alternatively upgrade to version 9 or later.

Site News and Status:

[At Work]

December 2011: Finished the translation into english. Got rid of the lame index/redirection page. Now the english version is finally without loose ends.

November 2011: Finally well along in the process of translating my homepage contents to english. Also did some minor upgrades to the site design in this version.

November 2011:  Moved the english languague version to a separate site (additional web hotel at PRO ISP) at frosto.net that used to be just a forwarder to frosto.no earlier.

Earlier: My home site have suffered from a "carpenters house" syndrome for years. An earlier site redesign was left less than half finished and updates have been very infrequent.

Privacy Information:

Nothing whatsoever is stored by the website implementation. Only a very simple, anonymous, "cookie" is stored on the users computers and it is only intended to be used used to determine whether the users have visited recently so they can skip past the welcome/introduction on subsequent visits.

The web hosting provider (PRO ISP) stores statistics of site visits, but these data will not be regularily used for anything. I may occasionally look at the statistics to get an idea of the volume of traffic and where in the world it is coming from and things like that.

No advertizing, statistics gathering code or other foreign content is included.

Any changes in this policy will be updated here, but none are foreseen.

Technical Information:

Mostly CSS 1 with some limited use of CSS 2
Javascript or other scripting:
none used
none used
Minimal use
Linked files only
Server-side implementation:
Hand-coded PHP, XHTML and CSS
Availability for blind people:
Features like the simple structure and extensive markup with alternative texts for pictures support this, but no comprehensive evaluation of remaining weaknesses in this regard have been done.